Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ooh La La Spring in Paree

Looking back at our recent trip to France, this was probably my most enjoyable evening in Paris.
I guess this is proof  in the pudding...or picture!

May I explain? You see, one of my four sister's came along on the trip. Polly, who is a great  photographer, had never been to Paris. Yes, she took wonderful pictures of all of the monuments, but so wanted to take pictures of the French people...and as we all know, most don't like to be photographed. I think she was amazed at how well the French people were dressed, especially the men. On several occasions she would ask a man on the street if she could take their picture. Most, replied NON!
Well, this particular evening we (a group of ten or so), had just finished a great meal at Cafe Du Marche on rue Cler street. Polly and I were waiting out in front for the remainder of the group to settle their bills, when a family of three walked up and inquired if we liked the restaurant? The son in the group, who appeared to be in his mid thirties was very well dressed...and very nice looking as well. We gave the restaurant a thumbs up and Polly of course ask the son if she could take his picture. He said "oh this will make a better picture and grabbed me!!!!" Above photo.
The father in the group replied "I wonder why no one ever wants to take my picture?" So, Polly handed me her camera and VOILA!

Come to find out, they were tourists as well, and from Australia! Their son is a commercial pilot, flies a Boeing 777 and lives in Dubai!
Oh how I love Paris!


  1. What a great story, Janey! I love the shots, too - good memories from your trip.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Well, giving the restaurant a thumbs up sure proved some great responses! Love those photos and the story. You sure did have a wonderful time.

  3. You made me laugh this morning, what a fun story!

  4. Oh la la indeed Janey :) J'adore Paris!

  5. I am back posting again after a very sad week, I scrolled through your photos that I missed to select one to comment on, and chose this one. The joy of life in a beautiful city cannot be beaten!!