Thursday, May 12, 2016

From the Fourth to the Fifth

We were in Paris this month, and I am always reminded, when I go for a stroll, the of number of pretty bridges that cross the Seine River.
 This is the Pont au Double that connections the fourth and fifth arrondissements, or the bridge that connects the lle de la Cite island), to the left bank.

It is the third bridge that has spanned this spot. The first was built in the 17th century as a crossing to the newly built hospital on the left bank. Interesting that most of that bridge was taken up by a two story building in the middle.There was also a toll.  It, and it's successor were both swept away in floods. This bridge being constructed in 1883.

The railing, or fencing on this bridge looks like wood from a distance, but it is iron.
The building in the background is Notre Dame Cathedral of course.

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  1. Yes, at first appearance it looks like wood! They are nicely shaped columns and what a great sight beyond!

  2. I love the bridges across the Seine but do wish that tourists would not cover them with 'lovelocks'. They spoil their elegance and put immense stress on such beautiful structures.

  3. it does look like wood! very pretty.

  4. I love it. Thanks for sharing this bridge. Yes, I thought it was wood :-) But ...

  5. Lucky you to visit Paris. The bridge railing does look like wood and is quite nice. Such an impressive view by it.

  6. That is just beautiful - even if there hadn't been a railing. :-)

  7. Loved the ponts :) in Paris, even the simplest were beautiful.

  8. Loved the ponts :) in Paris, even the simplest were beautiful.

  9. Dearest Janey,
    The design of those bridges is not only for functionality but also beauty! One can only admire them.