Monday, May 23, 2016

The Partying Block

Or, should I say Block Party. We have lived in our new home for about two years now, which is disputable since we spend about five months each year in our other home, in Colorado. Anyway, we have not met a lot of our neighbors. It is more difficult to relocate at our age. When you are younger, you seem to connect with people through your children, or even your pets, and in this home, we have neither.
So, we were delighted when we received an invitation to a food truck party across the street.
I guess this is a new popular, and easy way to entertain. We were just instructed to bring what we would like to drink and our lawn chairs.
Meet Austin the hot dog chef. Austin who has Down's Syndrome has been a greeter for years at a local, and very popular, pizza restaurant in the neighborhood. He is a graduate of a University in New Mexico for students with limited abilities, and this food truck, which he refers to as his "Dawgmobile, has been a dream and is now his new venture. One which I predict is going to be very successful.
All we had to do was go to the window of the food truck and let Austin know if we wanted a chili dog or classic dog. You were then presented your meal in a little gift wrapped box which contained your "dawg" a bag of chips and a small chocolate brownie.  We sure had a nice time and met a lot of friendly neighbors.
To read more about his dawgmobile you can go here:HERE


  1. Thank you for featuring Austin and his dawg gone good idea. By the size of the crowd he should have done well.

  2. Good for Austin and his entrepreneurial spirit. When are you coming to CO, Janey?

  3. Street parties are such a good way for neighbours to say hello now and then and yes, well done Austin, hot dogs are perfect for an informal gathering like this, good on him for being so enterprising!

  4. Who arranged this? Wonderful!! No children? It wouldn't work in our neighbourhood (gift wrapped food box) because of so many children!

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, what a wonderful way for getting to know your neighborhood and also for supporting Austin! He looks so happy and I love his concept.

  6. Well done Austin, and how enterprising of him - wishing him every good luck with his new venture.

  7. How nice to be invited by the neighbourhood and meet other people.

  8. What a fantastic idea. Enjoy your forthcoming trip.