Thursday, May 5, 2016

Garden of Eden

Bonjour! Thankfully our weather has drastically  improved and we have made our way by the fast train ( TGV) down into Burgundy, and now we are even further south headed down the Rhone River by ship.
This morning's tour had us touring the Garden of Eden in Tournon ,France. It was a haven and a place of protection for the Franciscan Monks during the religious wars.
The gardens are terraced up a hillside in the center of town,
 and are privately owned. All of the restoring has been done by one man.
I could have stayed here all day
Oh, and there were plenty of beautiful fences.

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  1. Well! I must admit that my prediction proved correct, I think I said that the warm weather was on it's way - bravo
    Love the Judas tree in the second photo, mine is not in flower yet.

  2. A beautiful spot to wander! I can see its appeal to you.

  3. I bet that would be a place to while away the day. Lovely flowers and the fence was very neat looking. I liked the crosses on the top.

  4. Yes spring has arrived at last here too! That is a beautiful garden.

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Oh how happy I am for you and your friends for being able to travel with sunshine. That makes ALL the difference and especially when visiting such beautiful gardens.