Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A Walk

We have experienced some cold wet weather here in North Texas, and since we rarely have snow, we just accept it as the weather we have during the holidays. The last couple of days though have been pleasant  with mild temperatures....so I was able to get out for a walk.
This stucco home caught my eye, and I was happy to see they still had their modest but beautiful decorations up. We don't have a lot of Pueblo style homes in Ft. Worth as some will argue we are not part of the Southwest....surely not considered to be part of the South, even though we are a southern most state. Actually, to put Texas in either slot is difficult, and maybe the line (that doesn't exist) runs directly through the state.I do like that our neighborhood is made up of all styles of architecture.

 Here is a new one being built, and it is huge. Hopefully they  have a house full of kids to fill it up, but my guess is that it is just being built by a couple. Rumor has it that these walls will  also be covered in stucco....I will have to keep you up on it's progress.
I hope that your weather has been nice enough to get out for a stroll too....Janey


  1. We'll see if that new one indeed sticks to the look of its surroundings.

  2. Nothing beats those Texas McMansions!! I love the first house. Have a wonderful week, Janey!

  3. That last one is pretty big! Fit for a big family :)

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Why are people always trying to dictate what kind of style and culture is supposed to be seen in any state? We are a melting pot of different cultures and let's all admire its architecture and beauty as we encounter it!
    That indeed is a huge home. Too big for people at a certain age but they will find that out, comes time...
    Sending you hugs from a windy and cool but sunny Georgia!

  5. Love the first home Janey, looks tres welcoming. There are many people here also who build huge homes just for two..