Sunday, April 1, 2012


I love wandering around back roads. It's something we  usually don't have time to do. Why is it that we   rush from place to place, on super highways, when there are so many interesting things to discover (to coin a phrase) off the beaten path? We did just that last weekend, when we were out photographing  wildflowers . I must admit at first it was the sign that attracted me. Then I realized that it was not a sign that belonged to this building. We were in Anderson, and the sign is talking about food at a relay station in Planterville, another fifteen miles south. It must have been  a remnant of an organized bike trip? Wonder what this structure was? Sitting at an angle at a crossroads, a block from the Grimes County courthouse, could it have been an old gas station?I didn't try the door, but I am sure you would get a wonderful squeak from those rusty old hinges. It probably has a date with the wrecking ball or maybe it will just return to nature. It already seems to be in the arms of the local vegetation...
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