Monday, April 16, 2012

A Famous Texan

                      The Grave of Howard Hughes,  Houston, Texas

It reads like fiction...the life story of Howard Hughes. Hughes claimed Houston as his birthplace; although records dispute that... and place his birth in Humble, Texas Christmas Eve 1905. Business magnate, aviator, engineer, film director , producer, and one of the world's wealthiest and possibly most eccentric men....he could be called anything but humble.

I vividly remember that April afternoon in 1976, when they said that the mysterious Howard Hughes's,( who had not been seen in public for twenty years), private plane (flying in from Acapulco. Mexico) was requesting to be met by an ambulance. News crews  reported a frail ,very thin man, with a long un-kept beard being carried off by stretcher. Pronounced dead at Methodist Hospital. He had apparently died in route to the town he loved. Houston where he claimed to be born , almost died in.....and finally was laid to rest in..

For more information on this larger than life Texan, check out the link below:

* Little Known Fact: It is no secret that Hughes dated a long list of famous actresses in his day, including academy award winning actress Gene Tierney, who by the way just happens to be buried in this same cemetery. Glenwood.


  1. Yes he was a creep in the end, didn't wash, never went out....But nothing wrong about the deaths, he has a nice grave for a man alone.

  2. The grave is also larger than life. Ironic that the town he reportedly was born in is named Humble, which was never one of this attributes. Can't imagine how some of these celebrities get so lost in life.

  3. I agree. Celebrity did not serve him well. He is buried beside his parents. Glenwood is a beautiful cemetery.Huge trees, and rolling hills on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. Opened in 1877 with a long list of famous Texans...Worth a visit.