Friday, April 20, 2012

Memories of Halloween

To most people these are the "in" item to decorate with. Not sure what these green mossy balls are actually called. To me...they remind me of  a painful Halloween.. You see in Texas, we have a tree called a Bois d' Arc or Bodark Tree, and commonly called a Horse-Apple tree by the locals.The fruit of this tree looks an awful lot like these balls.When I was a child of five years old, I was out trick or treating with my sisters, when a group of high school boys ran by throwing horse-apples  (Bodark apples) at each other and one hit me in the chest. I ran crying to my parents car. Mother let me in and  then accidentally closed the car door on my hand...

Little known fact: French explorers in America named this tree the Bois d' Arc because Indians were making their bows from the hard wood.

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  1. Auch, that is a bad memmory, must have hurt a lot. Do you still have five fingers?