Friday, April 13, 2012

Monster in the Deep

The pool service comes on Friday morning, so I was not surprised by the leaves littering the bottom early this morning. But, I did a double take when I saw this guy. Yes, it does look a bit like a lobster, but in reality it is a crawfish. People in our neighboring state (Louisiana) go crazy this time of year having Crawfish Boils. In this case, it is not the neighboring state that is the guilty party....but the neighbor next door. I remember last week an invitation to a Crawfish Boil they were having over the Easter weekend on their driveway (just over our fence). The weekend we happened to be out of town. I am not sure if someone threw this guy over the fence , into our pool, as a prank, or he was an escapee who crawled under the fence and dove in? Anyway, I promptly called for help (from my husband). I insisted he catch it, with the pool net, put it in a bucket and release it in a nearby creek. Sorry to say, the pool chemicals must have done him in as he was not alive :(
If you are not familiar with a Crawfish Boil you may want to check out this site
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  1. Don't think I'd be happy with that poor fellow in my pool, either. Too bad it couldn't survive to be rescued!

  2. I checked your link and enjoyed reading the recipe and method of eating it with many photos Found this little adage:

    Kiss the blue crawfish and spare his life, and you will be blessed with good luck.
    - Cajun saying

    So did you kiss it??

  3. Good thing I didn't know this...or I would be trying to revive him ! :)

  4. This would be a big surprise if I found him in my pool! Have a wonderful weekend... xv

  5. You tried your best to do the good thing instinctive, I read you will be blessed with good luck now. Well only sorry you didn't kiss him....

  6. Oh, where I live we "pinch the heads and suck the tails!". Love them and this is the season...