Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden Shop

This sweet little Garden Shop is in the center of the  tiny community of Chappell Hill west of Houston. I don't think it is an old building, but one that was built to look old. I like the way the shade was covering the street. Reminds me of my childhood when I went barefoot. The pavement in Texas was so hot, that in bare feet you looked forward to shady spots like this that gave you relief from the searing pavement!
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  1. You have beautiful sunshine and shadows there. Can't believe you walked barefoot as a child, just for fun?

  2. Marianne we just didn't wear shoes in the summer when I was young...You had a pair of shoes for church...It even amazes me...I would never go outside without shoes now!

  3. You awakened some of the same memories in me!

    On a road trip and finally am in a place with wifi, so I am temporarily back to enjoy your blog!!

  4. Hey Kate...good to see you! Yes, I have been enjoying your trip...I wish you good weather, available accommodations and cheap gas!