Thursday, February 7, 2013

Come Along on My Morning Walk

Tom and I walk a mile every morning to the coffee shop (and a mile back)
This fountain is at the entrance of our neighborhood.

The village of Tubac is both old and new

with amazing shops to wander through

There are some where you don't even have to go in to see the wares!

Surely there is a treasure here

The buildings are all brightly painted

 and finally.....we are here. Excuse me while I have a cup of coffee.
Come back tomorrow. We are going to a Spanish Mission
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  1. How good for both of you to walk/exercise this way. Bravo. Think I'll try that with our dog because "the mister" usually sleeps in...far longer than I. He does his walking with Maggi several times a day and meets so many interesting people!

  2. Think I need to go there. Looks pretty. Hope you are having a great time.

  3. i love those kinds of cool shops!!

  4. I like the "Adobe" houses with the nice colours. I think you don't mind living in this place for a while. Or do you miss the packing?

    1. I do feel a bit like Cinderella at the ball...but the coach is waiting to take me home early Weds. morning....and back to packing.