Friday, February 15, 2013

You Don't Have to Walk

For four days in Tubac, Az. they had the annual Art Show. The artists and vendors set up in temporary tents all through town. They were just getting ready to open each morning when Tom and I walked for coffee. Patrons had to park a ways away. So, they had various transportation selections from the parking lot. There was the old trailer pulled by a tractor.

One pulled by horses...or

You could even hire a "taxi" for two!
I couldn't help but think people really needed to WALK!
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  1. I would have definitely taken the walking option Janey..hope you have a super weekend.

  2. That was the first thing that came on my mind too. Why not take a walk, it isn't that far I think.

  3. Hello:
    Certainly a variety of modes of transport. Anything but walk!!

  4. That was my first reaction yet some people who look perfect healthy have some chronic issues that require transportation of some sort.