Saturday, February 2, 2013


We dined at a darling Mexican Restaurant in the tiny village of Mesilla near Las Curses. Friends recommended it. As you can see, they have  been open since 1939! It was a popular, quaint spot just off a historic little plaza. If you ever get to Las Curces. Don't miss La Posta!

I just ordered a steak fajitas salad. Tom, who doesn't drink, ordered me their speciality margarita. Neither of us realized it was enough for three people! They brought the glass full and a shaker full to refill it! I had no trouble sleeping! Ole! 
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  1. yum to the margarita and mexican food!

  2. Oh dear, a huge margarita. Did Tom carry you to the car?

  3. I am just happy he knew where it was....and wasn't depending on me to find it!