Friday, February 1, 2013

Long Day

With the morning sun coming up behind us, we headed out early yesterday from Boerne, TX

Even though we had had coffee, our first stop was McDonalds for a second cup. They really do have decent coffee now, and Tom is always thrilled that a senior coffee is only .37 cents. Me, I keep hoping they will ask me for my I.D. :(

Remember I said that there is a lot of white limestone in these parts

We passed wall after wall of it all morning long .Notice the lack of traffic?

Didn't take us long to scoot across west Texas at this speed!

Finally we see the Davis Mountains in the distance, at the western edge of  Texas.

At days end we have arrived in the desert. Las Cruses, New Mexico is very pretty, and we are pretty tired. Time for a nap and then to a recommended fun Mexican Restaurant...
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  1. pretty scenes! i, too, prefer mcdonald's coffee to any other place - including starbucks. :)

  2. Oh, lucky you with your empty roads. Can't remember that overhere. A senior coffee, we don't know that either. Only trains and busses have discounts for seniors.