Friday, February 8, 2013

Tumacacori Mission

An artist's rendering of Tumacacori Mission being built in 1691. Part of the Spanish Mission system that ran from then Northern Mexico all through Central and South America. The King of Spain's way of converting the Indians and natives into Christians and to teach them the Spanish way of life.

 Tumacacori Mission as it looks today
A  U.S. National Park (located south of Tubac, Az ,north of the Mexican border)

Another rendition of what the inside mission looked like then

The actual mission as it looks today...after years of neglect. It was pillaged by the Apache Indians and treasure seekers. There is a lot of folklore about the missing treasure of Tumacacori...which people today are still searching for.
 A painting of the Presidio at Tubac, that was built in 1752 to protect the Mission (Tumacacori) which lies just a few miles to the south. The Presidio is why Tubac (where we are staying) became a town.No traces of the Presidio still remain except for some underground excavation, which is  visible at the local Historic Museum . Fifty Cavalrymen were garrisoned there to keep peace with the Pima Indians and to fight off the aggressive Apaches.
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  1. Nice post with history. Those Europeans were not so nice people at that time. To travel to a country and immediately take it over. Hope we have improved our manners.

  2. People who come in and take over another culture haven't improved over the years...wishful thinking. The current day facade looks like it's in pretty good shape so I was very surprised to see the inside neglect. Because mission churches are so historical, I hope that some renovation and restoration is in the immediate future.

  3. a very neat building, but the missions have such a brutal history - all in the name of 'religion'. *sigh*

  4. Like how you go back in history with the painting.


  5. It's amazing how we in our generation like to encourage liberal ideas over Christian Values. These ultra liberal ideas in the 20th Century brought Neo Pagan National Socialism (Nazis) and Atheist Stalinism to Europe which destroyed the lives of millions of innocent people. It also brought the destruction of millions of innocent unborn babies and the farce of homosexual marriage. Far better were the Spaniards who brought God's word among the Native people, allowed interracial marriage, and protection against marauding savages.