Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't get cold in southern Arizona
We woke one morning to a cold front that delivered a dusting of snow!

The pretty fountains in the neighborhood even had icicles hanging from them

And someone  built a tabletop snowman!

But, the sun came out and it warmed to nearly 60 degrees!
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  1. Hello:
    Now this does surprise us as we rather imagined Arizona as being wall to wall blue skies and sunshine all year round. But we were never very good at Geography!

  2. hum, a bit surprised
    enjoy it ! a nice change

  3. cute little snowman! yeah, i don't think that outdoor fireplace would be too warm first thing...

  4. Ah, c'mon now Janey, you guys are a bunch of wimps. Think snow and the Northeast! (grin!)

  5. Oh, and I was thinking you had a sunny warm time there. Looks almost like here...