Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Fan

A lot of people I know have a fan like this above their bed. There are even folks I know who can't sleep unless it is humming away. Well, I am not a fan person....never have been . So this fan, the actual one that is above my bed in this rental apartment, is never turned on. Okay, maybe if I lived here in the summer, I would use it to cut down on the air conditioning bill...but I don't think so. So, it sits above me quietly. But, the darn thing is keeping me awake. I am not use to it being there. So, when I wake up in the actually scares me. I have imagined it is a giant spider about to attack. You can't image how many things it has looked like ...hanging there ...looking like it is about to leap.

I bet you might be laughing, that I would be frightened by a harmless fan in the middle of the night?
Even when I try to make the photo probably just looks like a fan to you. You must be wondering how I can see it in the dark of night? Well, that is another whole story. There is a neighbor, only twenty feet away, who must not like the dark of night......and keeps a chandelier, yes a chandelier blazing above her kitchen sink ALL night long and it is directly across from our bedroom.
This isn't it, and okay, it could slightly smaller....but you get the idea. Even with the blinds in our bedroom closed, I swear you could read a book ....therefore it is hard not to see the fan when I glance up.

I guess I am ready for our place to be finished ....and why am I writing about this? Well, Tom asked me if we should put a fan above our bed in the new house.....


  1. I guess I'm not much of a fan, either. . .unless it's a tropical summer location.

  2. i have to have a ceiling fan in the summer to keep the air circulating. thankfully, except for the dining room table, every room in the house has one.

  3. Oh, i don't like electric things in my bedroom either. In hotels you often find airco which you can't switch of, horrible. I can't sleep with noise or light. Those fans look so awful, i saw them for the first time in the US. We don't need them here.

  4. I had the same idea before having a ceiling fan. Now I'm used to them. Best wishes, Sandra