Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Museum

I mentioned in a previous blog that I saw a Georgia O'Keeffe painting in a Ft. Worth Museum. Well, that museum  The Amon Carter is  one of several museums that make up Ft. Worth's cultural district; which is just southwest of the downtown, across the Trinity River.
The museum is free... and open Tuesday through Sunday. Parking is free too
If you turn around before going in the door, you can see downtown Fort Worth  in the distance.
Amon Carter 1879-1955 was creator and publisher Fort Worth Star Telegram . Mr Carter was also successful in numerous business endeavors.and probably one of Ft. Worth's biggest fans.  . You will find many things in Ft. Worth, and across Texas, named in honor of this great man.

A humorous side note: As fond as he was of Ft. Worth....he really really didn't like Dallas. Dallas and Ft. Worth are a short thirty miles apart. ...and folks today simply refer to the whole area as the Metroplex...which I feel sure Mr. Carter would not have liked. When he had to visit Dallas for a meeting he is said to have packed lunch in a paper bag...so he didn't have to leave any money in Dallas.

In 1961 his daughter was instrumental in opening a museum to house his large selection of priceless art.
You will find a huge selection of western art including paintings and bronze sculptures by the two most famous American Western artists, Federic Remington and Charles M. Russell.
Remington's A Dash For The Timbers 1889

Russell's A Tight Dally and a Loose Latigo 1920
While there is a nice inventory of western art, I think you will be surprised by the  selection of all types of art.

The Museum also houses an exhibit area

 where presently there is a display, on loan from museums around the world, with a common theme  Art and Appetite. I guess you have noticed that you are allowed to take pictures. You can photograph their permanent collection, just  not the visiting ones. So, I tried to get a long distance shot of the entrance to the exhibit (wouldn't want to break any rules).

I wouldn't make a very good criminal. I was trying to get a shot of Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving from another room.....but the very thought of getting caught...made my hand shake!
The Amon Carter really should be on your list of places to tour in Ft. Worth, Texas


  1. I immediately noticed that photographs were allowed; I wish more museums would do that. A common practice in MN but Santa Fe jealously guards it collections. I, too, find it difficult to take a photo where it is not allowed. I am always so grateful when cities have good museums. I am a very loyal patron and visit museums wherever and whenever I can!

  2. well, you're honest if not sneaky. :)

    laughed at the jab at dallas. too funny!

  3. Had to laugh about your last photo, you trembling of fear to get caught! I am that too.