Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Gas Station

I have already mentioned my trip to Austin, Texas on my past few blogs.Traveling with my two older sisters, we drove down to deliver a family painting, and stayed overnight with our Aunt (my mother's sister). The fastest driving route from Fort Worth, which is in north Texas, to Austin in central Texas, is to go straight down Interstate 35, which even on the best of days... can be very crowded. So, my sister Nancy suggested we take the back roads, to the west of I-35, on our return trip. She didn't have to convince me...I love getting off of the beaten path!

Click on photo to enlarge

I spotted what looks like the remains of an old gas station in the tiny town of Hamilton.
Come back again and I will show you the quaint little town of Hico.


  1. ooh, neat! my kinda drive, too!

  2. I see so many abandoned buildings in the US. Here it would demolished right away.

  3. "Blue highways" have always been my favorite routes.