Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Texas Church

I hope that you are all having a nice Sunday. I took this photo at the Carter Museum, before I realized it was a visiting exhibit and was not to be photographed. But, the docent was so sweet, and said" I didn't want to interrupt you before you finished getting your photo". She said  she knew it was it wasn't marked.
So, a long explanation to explain why I have no info on this painting. I took it because it looked familiar..or maybe it just looks like so many of the little rural churches I see when traveling across Texas. It is part of a small exhibit, within the museum , titled Texas Regionalism...and was painted in the 1930's.


  1. it is really perfect and beautiful.

  2. A lovely painting, I can imagine you wanted to make a photo of it.

  3. Hello Janey,

    This painting has all the atmosphere of a Grant Wood work. It does evoke a sense of place very strongly. We are sure that we would have found the exhibition most interesting. Paintings from the 1930s are a particular passion for us.

  4. Now how coincidental is that Janey.. I see at least four triangles in this picture, you didn't have to look very far at all :)

    1. Ha! You are so correct Grace. Now I am going to see triangles everywhere I go!

  5. Grace's comment illustrates how powerful theme days can be! I love this whole idea of photography because it truly opens our eyes! This church is similar to so many rural churches in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.