Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Hunt

I am on the hunt for a piece of furniture. You see, I want to find an old dresser, or Bombay chest to use in the powder room of our new home (that is in the process of being built). I will probably top it with a piece of marble or granite, and have a plumber install a small vessel sink on top. I can just picture it...I just can't find it. I say I, because my husband doesn't share my vision. It is difficult to locate what I am looking for.... since we are new in Fort Worth, and don't know the shops. I could find it in a short afternoon, in my old hometown of Houston. So, this weekend I drug hubby to the:
I had high hopes
but found a lot of frilly collectibles and knick knacks .
There were rusty things
colorful things
shiny things (oops I think she is watching me)
Texas (tacky) art
and some things that even looked like art
Like this African  piece displayed by a Santa Fe dealer
but...since my husband was about to ask this fox to move over...we left. Not a lot of furniture there. I am still looking, and may consider driving to Houston...and you will be the first to know when I find it!


  1. well, good luck in finding your perfect piece.

  2. If you were closer, I know the right spot where you could find exactly what you are looking for and I could do it in a jiffy and you would be thrilled !! oh la la !

    1. Don't temp me Anni! I love Belgium! Actually Houston is a bit closer and I can haul it back in my SUV!

  3. I first thought hubby was on that sofa! I can imagine how he followed you on your hunt. That lamp with a coach, oh my god, who wants to have that. You were at an interesting place for sure:)

  4. Hello Janey,
    Often when one has a particular item in mind, one cannot find it, seek as one might. And yet, when one is not particularly looking for anything, the perfect item pops up. We trust that will happen for you.

    Nevertheless, the antique show looked to be quite good fun. It is better, however, to browse with someone who wants to be there too!

  5. I know exactly what you mean Janey. When we refurbished the main bathroom a few years ago I was lucky enough to find an old.. not really sure what you'd call it, but it was lovely, looks super with the raised basin.. keep searching and good luck :)

  6. You are a woman on a mission! I don't doubt that you will find exactly what you want. The antique and art show looks interesting.

  7. Espero que encontre a sua peça....