Monday, March 17, 2014

The Cookbook

On our trip to Austin my two sisters and I stayed with our Aunt Julie. Julie is 85 years old and was a military wife; married to an Air Force pilot. Julie is a wonderful hostess and great cook....but I had to laugh at one of her cookbooks.
Married in 1950....she finally bought a cookbook in 1959. She said she had no idea what she cooked the first nine years of marriage? My grandmother (Aunt Julie's mom) had ten children...and you would have thought she would have taught her girls to cook, but she liked to do everything herself....and let the kids clean up after.

This well used book, has traveled all over the world. I feel sure she used it to cook for me when I was a guest of her and her husband while they were stationed in Germany , my first trip to Europe.
She told me that the dirtiest pages were her favorite recipes. Her children recently bought her a new copy, but she said she couldn't bring herself to throw this one away.


  1. oh, i'd say not! definitely a keeper!

  2. Oh that is sweet such an old used recipes book. I had one too when I started my married life. Had no clue about cooking. It looked a bit like yours after many years and I replaced it for a new edition. The recipes are different now with fat and sugars etc.

    1. That cookbook presided over many fine meals; it is truly a treasure!