Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Headed North

We left Vail after one night and headed north to the ski resort of Steamboat Springs
Not many trees on this road.
I did see a barn. For some reason I really like barns. Maybe it has something to do with playing in my cousins red barn when I was little. We would slide down the hay shoot, and scare the ducks. They would then chase us around!
There were some unusual rock formations
Tom even pulled off of the road so I could get this shot. It was under two hours on the road, so we arrived in time to meet our friends for brunch. These were Houston friends who had purchased a raffle ticket and won a week in a three bedroom condo in Steamboat. We were so pleased with the pretty weather.


  1. I cam only dream of winning a raffle ticket like that. The scenery and rock formations there are wonderful, aren't they?

  2. I remember doing that in the cousins barn. Fun times

  3. Sweet memories with the barn, I love those barns too, so different from ours. Amazing landscapes.

  4. The rock formations are what really catch my attention.

  5. My son and his family had a grand time in Steamboat this past weekend. They love to camp there. Tomorrow, I'm going to Denver - I hope we'll see some pretty leaves on the drive.

  6. Gostei das fotografias e do blog.
    Um abraço e continuação de uma boa semana.