Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Destination

Our destination on our drive  into the mountains on Sunday was Rose's Cabin.
When I first started coming here back in the 1980'S, I thought Rose was a woman, well she was actually a man named Corydon Rose. Back in 1874 Rose decided to build a large cabin at the base of Engineer's Pass (12,880ft). This area was half way between the new mining towns of Ouray and Lake City, Co. It soon became an overnight stopping point for miners coming over the high pass.

Unfortunately, there isn't much left of the area. This photo is not remains of the cabin, but are the walls of the stable. In 1877 a stage line came right in front of the cabin, going to and from Ouray, which increased Rose's business($2.50 for a bed). Rose's cabin was said to have a bar running the length of the building, and 22 curtained off sleeping areas upstairs. Mr. Rose was reported to be quite a character, but a very welcoming host.
Cabins sprang up in this area, because of all of the nearby mines; the population was said to have been near 100.There was even a post office at Rose's Cabin, and this is the safe that belonged to the postmaster.
By 1877 mining had dried up, and the area around Rose's cabin became a ghost town. 

It is a beautiful ride up to this area. We like to go and have a picnic on the banks of Henson Creek, which flows just  down from where this lively stage stop was so long ago.


  1. once a tiny boom-town and now a relic.

  2. Echoes of the past, these shots make me think of that.

  3. Interesting stories overthere, nice to read.

  4. That little corner of the world is full of history.