Sunday, September 20, 2015

Well Hello

I have mentioned before that our summer home in the mountains is just over one pass from a terrific Repertory Theater. So, Yesterday we headed over for the last play of the season.
Well, you have to keep your eyes open around here. All of a sudden we saw this. A female moose (called a cow), was right beside the road. Problem is, I had to stand in the middle of a highway to get this. The sun was shining into my lens and the moose was in the shade, but hopefully you can see it.
To our surprise she had a calf.
Oops, make that two!


  1. It is always fun to encounter a moose.


  2. That calf is so gangly - it must have just been born this spring. So far this season, I've only seen adults and no calves. Great shots!

  3. Glad you stopped to get those shots. I didn't get to see a moose when I was in Canada in June.

  4. They're great animals to watch. Out here in the countryside the best chance to see them is in April and May when they're likely to be around roadsides taking in some of the remaining road salt from over the winter.

  5. Wow, so special you cought them on photo. They are really big.

  6. What a wonderful sighting. It certain is not commonplace, I would imagine.