Friday, September 4, 2015

Time To Party

I know, some of you think that (partying), is what we have been doing all summer, but actually September is party month. All summer long we have had events or houses full of guests, which has now ended. So, now that it almost time to go home (south), everyone seems to think they need to have a party....that is until the actual going away parties start.
So, last night Kay and Dave gave a Mexican Dinner party.

Complete with festive table settings

Kay in the blue, set three large tables (indoors because of threatening weather), for the eighteen in attendance.........A few of the "girls.

Ann and Betty, best buds
and southern belles, were posing for me on the porch

and then there is Tom, who obviously wanted his picture taken.

I promise to get out and take some interesting pictures when the rain stops,
or you are going to be subject to looking at the next dinner party!


  1. What a social life you enjoy there. One party after another. Great fun but a lot of work when it is your turn to host.

  2. Partying is a good way to end the summer.

  3. Yes, I am one that thinks that you are always partying, but why not, you obviously enjoy the good company of many friends, have lots of fun and get to eat delicious food whilst doing it.

  4. Looks good and I like Tom's decoration style, ready for Christmas already? :)