Monday, September 7, 2015


It wasn't the most spectacular that I have seen,
but the sunset last night caught my eye.caught my eye.

It is a holiday today here in the U.S., Labor Day. Which means Government offices, banks and some schools will be closed. To me it always signals the end of summer. How are you going to spend the day?. We are driving out to the south end of the lake, and roast hot dogs with a group of friends.
Have a Good One!


  1. I hope it's not raining there, Janey - we're having a stormy day!

    1. So far, so good. The pavilion at the lake is covered and has a huge double fireplace. I think we will have to bundle up though!

  2. Sunsets are beautiful; they don't need to be spectacular. This one you posted looks soft and lovely.