Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Yearly Migration

Well, folks it's time. We have been in our summer home since June 1st....and the weather is telling us the summer is over. Our seasonal friends are packing up too, and we are all headed south, to pick up our lives where we left off.
We have a pod, or a rocket box on top of our car for the trip. All of our clothes, four blanket bags full, and a garment bag will ride on the top of the car. The back is filled with two suitcases, golf clubs, a car seat that we carry around for granddaughters, etc. etc. We will drive nearly eleven hours the first day. We like our second day to be shorter.
We arrived in Childress, Texas about 6p.m.....very tired of the car. The hotel includes a free breakfast. Wouldn't you know it! Texas waffles! Texas, by the way, is very proud of it's shape :) Ahh, someone platted that waffle backwards.
Having eaten our hearty breakfast, we are on the road very early. ...and arrived home before 11am. Lots of unpacking to do. Welcome to Texas Y'all!


  1. Can't believe that your summer is over already! Love the Texas waffle and it was positioned like that in TEXAS!!

  2. Oh no Janey, if your summer is nearly over ours must be about to start, I have to say I prefer the cooler weather! Sounds like your trip home wasn't too bad, the stopover to beak the trip is a good idea.

  3. Warmth all the year round must be worth all the packing and unpacking.

  4. I've enjoyed your summer in I look forward to your winter in Texas.

  5. Oh sad to say goodbye to all the fun in summer and driving to the winter.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Welcome back home! Oh we know of such long trips home. When we lived in Italy we drove in one day the long, long journey through the mountains all the way to The Netherlands for seeing our family.
    But one good night sleep makes all the difference!
    Sending you hugs.