Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Busy Week

I guess this week is no busier than any other week .. It just seems that way.
On Monday I baked a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookies for the Arts Council bake sale. They are going to have a booth at the visiting craft fair.
and last night we attended the performance of Acoustic Eidolon a  talented husband and wife dou from Colorado.
I know it is hard to see. Tom and I were lobby hosts. We took tickets and manned the bar, so we got free seats, but at the very back.
I borrowed this from the Internet so you can see how cute they are. Joe plays  the guitar and this unusual gadget designed by himmself . It is strung on one side as a guitar and the other side a banjo . He calls it a double neck guitjo. Hannah is a classically trained cellist. Together they make beautiful music ...which is described as Celtic, and Americana with Flamingo  influences. We are happy that they love to come to Lake City...where we have seen their concert several times, but they are International performers. Afterwards we were invited to a reception at our friends house, where they are staying.
By the way ...do you know how difficult it is to blog with your phone? Hopefully my computer will be back this week !


  1. they are cute and obviously talented. :)

  2. You have been busy Janey, all of a sudden I feel like a choc chip cookie :) sounds a delightful musical evening and no way could I ever blog on my phone :)

  3. I admire you doing all this with your phone! The typing is so difficult for me with that tiny keyboard. That music instrument looks very special!You are having a great time I can see.

  4. Another very successful summer for you. The cookies look terrific!