Thursday, July 21, 2016

Visit My Garden

We have a small garden plot down in the community garden in this tiny mountain town .
I enjoy putting on my sun hat every morning and gooing down to water. Won't you come along?
Before I go in, I stop to turn on the water .
I just went through this gate..careful to close it behind keep the deer out.
There's the hose with a nice sprayer attached.
There is also a pile of rich soil you are welcome to,
and plenty of garden tools.
Stored away in a cute little shed .
All kinds of things at your disposal.
The fence goes all the way around ..
to keep mostly deer and rabbits out.
There is even a pretty view to the south. Looks like I don't need to water today. Oops I forgot to show you my garden.
My lettuce
Summer squash
Green onions
and chives. Thanks for coming along.

I was going to link to good fences .,but need a tutorial on how to do that from this phone . Hopefully my computer will return soon ,


  1. I find that using my iPhone is more complicated than my MacAir, but i guess reading the manual would help!! Love your herbs; I never can get cilantro to grow, but my basil plants always reach the dimensions of a shrub. .almost. Your community seems to supply everything for the gardens!

  2. Guess I will have to buy some oregano to make lasagna when I come in August? I hope there is plenty of that wonderful basil left.

  3. love your little gate and lots of good fencing!

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, what a lovely little garden with such fertile soil!
    You have quite a variety of veggies.
    Yes, that would be a joy to tend to.

  5. Your garden looks very well maintained, no weeds I see, perfect.