Sunday, July 31, 2016

Historical Tour part ll

Back in the mining boom of the late 1800's the respectable folks in this town were not too happy about a area of town referred to as "Hell's Acre". It was the south end of a street named Bluff . Coming down from the mines that were up along Henson arrived in town on South Bluff street. This section of Bluff had nothing but bars, dance lass and houses of ill repute. If you lived on North Bluff Street, you were careful to say you lived on "North" Bluff street. All of those sinful establishments are gone now...leaving a lot of vacant lots. Except for
this place.(built in 1891)..which was one of the prostitutes cribs, and the second home on our Historical home tour.
In it's defense, it really is a sweet little cabin
The old water pump is still on the side of the house. It is a bit hard to see in this picture, because it is painted red, like the house
I am not sure if this phone is original to the house. Maybe not since the wood looks so new.
There was a small front parlor, and this tiny kitchen
complete with a wood burning stove. I am not sure if they still use it? Maybe so since the only other cooking device was a microwave.
There were two bedrooms, both the same size, and a small bathroom with a shower.The present owners seem to take great care of this place, and it was so nice that they allowed us to tour it.
Tomorrow our final and oldest house on the tour.


  1. It is a sweet little historial house, but the mind boggles as to the antics that went on there years ago.

  2. i love that they painted it red. :)

  3. "Hell's Acre" has a nice ring to it?!

  4. Nice to have a look inside, very pretty cabin.

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Well, since it is the oldest 'profession' on this earth and it was a miners town, meaning mostly male were around, it is quite normal.
    A tiny little cabin indeed and one only wonders how they managed life back than with an outdoor pump for COLD water.
    Thanks for your interesting tours!

  6. It is a lovely looking place, Janey!

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