Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Fourth

For some of is a holiday today! We actually have ten family members here for a week to enjoy the festivities and the cool weather
Yesterday was day three, and it finally stopped raining long enough for some of us the take a hike.
It is a hike that I haven't taken before
so around every bend was a surprise. ...Like this stand of Aspen trees.
It was also very lush with all of the rain.
As usual I was lagging behind taking pictures
and trying to figure out the names of some of the unusual plants I came across.

But, I guess it wouldn't be the fourth unless I posted something patriotic!
So, I borrowed this off of a friends Facebook page. Happy Fourth of July!

I haven't had time to visit all of your blogs with my house full!. There are twelve of us and another twelve joining us for hot dogs and all of the trimmings tomorrow night.... and then fourteen more showing up for dessert and to watch the fireworks from our deck. I have lost count.... I am hoping some folks bring their own chairs! Have a safe and fun Fourth of July...what ever you may be doing.


  1. Dear Janey - you will definitely be having a fun filled 4th July and how lovely to have so many family members all joining together with you to celebrate - enjoy

  2. Lots of work for you so hope you find the time to enjoy the festivities. Happy 4th July

  3. They must burst out of your house all the visitors or are they camping around the house?

  4. You are a busy woman! But I'm sure you are enjoying all of your guest, some of which I'm guessing are your grandchildren. You can't go wrong with that. Loved going on a virtual hike with you. Makes me wish I was already in Colorado. I just adore Aspens and that was a nice little stand of them in your photo. Happy 4th, Janey. Enjoy your company!

  5. Happy 4th, Janey! It's been raining here in Breck, too, but today the sun is out.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    That is a full house indeed! Happy 4th of July.