Saturday, July 16, 2016


The peak below is Wetterhorn of the five fourteen thousand foot peaks in our area. We are proud to have so many high peaks surrounding us, and have adopted the slogan "Lake City, a peak experience."
Late in June a woman came to town to climb Wetterhorn. An experienced hiker, she attempted this fete alone . We still have snow fields at that altitude in June. Unfortunately she slipped on snow and fell 50 ft or so over the side. Lucky for her two retired marine hikers heard her cries for help, one of the guys was a medic. To make a long story short. A military high altitude Blackhawk helicopter had to be summoned to retrieve her. From all accounts she had no major injuries. I am should never attempt such a fete alone, would you?


  1. I would always, always climb with a partner. She was lucky. Beautiful mountain!

  2. My daughter hikes 14'ers all the time in Colorado. She usually goes with a group, but last week went on one alone. That scared me to death. I'm going to send her a copy of your post to read. Hopefully, she'll never go alone again.

  3. That is very unwise to go alone. It is a dangerous sport with some serious accidents can happen. Glad she was rescued in the end

  4. Nope never would Janey.. alone or with a partner :) Gosh she really was a very lucky lady!

  5. It is foolhardy to hike, especially in areas like this, without companions. It is also irresponsible because some of these rescues endanger the rescuers' lives. I wish no ill will on anyone, but I cannot drum up too much sympathy for people like this foolish woman.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Respecting the beauty but WHY for God's sake attempting to climb such peaks!
    Not very smart and let alone for doing that solo...