Friday, July 1, 2016

The Woods

About four miles west of Lake City, up a winding dirt road... alongside a large creek is a very magical place. It isn't too far past an abandoned mine....but there is no sign. Only those that know of this place, know where to turn. I do, as does my good friend Linda, and if you have ever been my guest, I have probably taken you there.
Yep, it is Pike's cabin and meadow, and I have even blogged about this place .
It is a miner's cabin built in the late 1870's and lived in by a rather eccentric gambling fellow until his death in 1915. Today though, I wanted to tell you about Linda and her little grandchildren.
You see, there is a beautiful meadow that leads up to an Aspen Forest and Linda's grandchildren (who have great imaginations), believe that this is The Hundred Acre Woods and  that Winnie the Pooh lives here with all of his pals (including Tigger). The children do crafts when they arrive at their grandparents, and take gifts to Winnie and his pals. Bruce, who should be nominated Grandfather of the Year....goes to the forest early that morning and hides gifts that Linda buys at the dollar store. So, when  the kids arrive with their gifts they  find gifts that Winnie has left for them. I can only imagine the excitement!
I have never run across Winnie and his friends, but I love the peacefulness of this place. The smell of the fresh air, grass and flowers. Then  there are the pretty blue skies, surrounding mountains and the sound of the nearby creek rushing by. If you are ever in Lake City, I will be happy to direct you to The Hundred Acre Woods, I mean Pike's meadow.
* I couldn't find pictures of Pike's cabin on my computer. So I googled it. Several sites came up, one of them my own!! So, I must confess ...I stole pictures off of the Internet from... Thick and Thin shhh..


  1. What a delightful story and terrific grandparents!! Of course, you have never seen Winnie and friends. . .my dear, you are not young enough!!

  2. Sweet story! I see your wildflowers are blooming - here, too - the wild Lupine is lush in my yard and Paintbrush are starting.

  3. What a sweet story, the kids have a great imagination and their grandparents too.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, those children will grow up with very fond memories about nature and their grandparents (later...).