Saturday, July 8, 2017

Let's Walk

There are so many pretty walks to take around here. You can walk the groomed paths along the river, by the lake or even take a hike through the mountains. I go down to the community garden early to water my little garden plot, so sometimes I just walk through town while I am down there.
I am always referring to our "little" mountain town. Well it is little. This is downtown. Looks like someone decided to park their trailer there overnight. We don't have a lot of rules around here.
Walking along the wooden board walk can be a bit tricky. (uneven boards) so I walk in the street. There is not a lot of traffic this time of morning.
or people about.
Many of our businesses are adorned with pretty flowers in the summer including our wonderful library.
This little shop in years past even had flowers on the roof
 I am wondering if our pioneers arrived in this wagon?

I think you get the message.. that it is a pretty morning walk.
Thanks for coming along.


  1. Yes, you do have delightful natural views and many that are part and parcel of your wonderful little community. Count your blessings! Re. your comment on my Wings Airline photo today: had to laugh when YOU said you were not brave enough!!

  2. It's the mountain views that really catch my eye.

  3. The flowers add to the prettiness of your little community and with such a wonderful mountain backdrop too.

  4. I see the hanging baskets there too. It makes such a nice view!

  5. Glorious photos. Makes me miss Colorado, especially the blue, blue sky and the flowers everywhere. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your morning walks!