Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Rescue

I was walking past one of the front windows, when I spotted this
on the glass topped table on the deck. It is a Broad-tailed Hummingbird (a male). The dark colored feathers at his neck are red . I usually don't see a Hummingbird sit so still. Sometimes they light in a tree momentarily before hovering at the feeder. So, my first thought is that he had run into the window and knocked himself silly. I watched for awhile as he was attempting to fly ...which just seemed to scoot him further into the puddle of water. Oh dear what to do?. I summoned my cousin Wendi and we tried to decide the best course of action? I just couldn't let him die in a cold puddle of water.
So, I put soft bathroom tissue into a small plastic box. At least he could be comfortable in his misery.
Wendi offered to pick him up and put him in the box. So I got her a rubber glove.
We both went out to the table. Wendi put the glove on, and reached for the little bird from the rear...when he suddenly came to life and zoomed between our heads.....!!! Scared us to death! Yeah! Not sure if our actions gave him the extra energy he needed or what? Don't you just love happy endings?


  1. What a fun story with a happy end!

  2. They sometimes knock themselves into a window and are stunned like that. As long as they're breathing and upright, they'll be fine.

  3. So glad that the little humming bird was alright. I have had the same experience when birds have flown into my window, it takes time for them to recover and then they suddenly take off and fly away.

  4. The purple gloves probably stimulated him and brought him back to life! What a great summer story!!