Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Moose Hunt

Back in 1991 through 1993 ninety three moose were reintroduced to our county here in Colorado from the neighboring states of Utah and Wyoming....and they have thrived.
The area where we can usually spot them is about a 20 minute drive east of our town of Lake City. An area of four small well stocked fishing lakes called Deer Lakes. Lake one is to your left and the count continues as the lakes cascade down the hill comprising four lakes in all.
I have numerous photos like this one taken in summers past of moose in and around these lakes.
Although we had no luck today when I took my visiting cousins on a Moose hunt. We even hiked up the hill from Lake two to Lake one. As we were coming back down the weather was changing quickly  turning a beautiful morning into a rainy dark afternoon.
So, when we got home I pulled out a box of smooth river rocks that I had collected,
and we entertained ourselves painting rocks.


  1. That is fun, I have never painted a stone in my life!

  2. Here it's easiest to find them in the countryside during April and May, when they'll often be near roads, licking up deposits of salt.

  3. A great activity for both children and adults!!

  4. That reminded me of the children's story 'We're going on a bear hunt' :) I'm loving the idea of painted rocks Janey, will ne a fun thing to do the next time I have my niece and nephews around.. also the grandchildren at Christmas.

  5. Painting rocks, clear coating them, and leaving them in places for other people to find is the "in" thing in our area of Kansas at the moment. Often left along one of the three biking/walking trails that run through our town - two of them being "rails to trails" (where railroad used to run)

    1. Great idea Joyce....I know the perfect place.

  6. So cool to see, they are never around here.