Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monsoon Season

Even in paradise the rains must come. We don't advertise it much, but in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado there is a monsoon season.
Starting about mid July and running through mid August you can usually count on the rains.
Our mornings are still bright and beautiful, so if you are going to do an outdoor had better get moving because the rains move in around noon.
It is really not such a bad thing. The wet pines smell lovely
and my flowers like it.
Actually they couldn't be happier.
Not easy to see...but the outside temperature at 4pm today is only 60 degrees...and the town we live in in Texas today is 102 degrees. So, you see...we gladly put up with a little rain here. How is your weather?


  1. We have a rather nice summer with lots of warm sunny days and so now and then a shower day. Nature is blooming very well with the alternation.It is better than summers we had the last couple of years. No complaints.

  2. We all need rain and I like the fact that yours is predictable.

  3. Our weather has been very capricious, hot and humid one day, tolerable, the next and other days it is downright pleasant. No temperatures as high as the Southwest tho! Lovely photos today!

  4. Today it's raining. Enough so that I decided to wear my leather jacket, which was the right course, since it's not terribly warm.

  5. Love your photos - they bring back happy memories of Colorado and New Mexico.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Well, here in Georgia we have usually afternoon thunderstorms and if we plan to bike, it is better done earlier to be safe.
    So far this summer has been rather wet, which is good for the garden!
    It sounds like Indonesia, we lived a tropical schedule of rising at 5:00 AM and left the house by 6:00 AM but you could bet that by 2:00 PM it was pouring down. Their monsoon season is heavy... You couldn't even listen to music.
    Sending you hugs and enjoy your lush looking flowers.

  7. We all need rain and I like the fact that yours is predictable.

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