Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Get Away

When you spend the summer in the most remote place in the lower 48 states..occasionally you need to touch base with civilization. 
So, that is just what we did. No, we did not stay at this five star property The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Co. Although, we have treated ourselves in the past to this luxury.
The 4,000 acre resort hotel built at the base of Cheyenne Mountain was completed in 1891, first as a casino by a Prussian Count..who brought European craftsmen over to insure the place would be as luxurious as possible.

Even if we are not staying here we like to walk around the lake, and enjoy the beautiful views. They also have an outdoor bar area complete with a fireplace and rocking chairs where you can enjoy a drinks and views of the lake  (and the people).
I spotted this young lady as I was leaving. She was not just eating flowers in the median
but at the entrance its self....  of the Grand Old Resort!!
Not easy to take a photo into the sun.
So, if you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, do not miss the famous old Broadmoor Hotel. 


  1. It looks a lovely place to spend a few days - the naughty deer is really feasting out on those flowers - fortunately when deer come into our garden they tend to eat the hedge and luckily leave the flowers alone.

  2. Those ladies don't have respect! :)

  3. The Broadmoor looks so European, doesn't it? Deer are becoming less and less fearful of human contact and the one you photographed certainly knows its way around. Such a delightful capture!!

  4. Looks like a wonderful old hotel Janey but I'm afraid the flower munching deer stole the show ☺