Saturday, August 9, 2014

A New Trail

Tom and I had to go to the supermarket today. Most you you know that we are in a remote area of the Colorado Mountains and the nearest supermarket is 120 miles round trip (an all day affair). Tom suggested we take a hike along they way. ....and I knew just the perfect spot.
There is a trail along the Gunnison River, just before it empties into Lake Blue Mesa
It is really just a groomed walking path that hugs the river
There were some wooded areas that I thought were beautiful
and tall grassy areas with a few wild flowers
If you look closely, you will see a fly fisherman in the river.
There were even a couple of little bridges to cross....Streams feeding into the river
Why I even enjoy the pretty weeds
and the decaying wood

Just remember to pack your insect repellent, as there can be a lot of mosquitoes. I hope that you are having a nice weekend! Janey



  1. pretty thick growth! love the river!

  2. You have some very pretty trails overthere and clever to combine it with the shopping!

  3. Your hike includes some extraordinary scenery You must take a cooler along on your shopping trip to preserve some of the perishable items. Just how much shopping is involved when you have to travel that length? How long do the suppiies last before another trek to the stores? Where do you go to shop?

    1. Kate,
      We go to Gunnison on average, once a week.I sometimes take an ice chest, but they will pack my meats and frozen food in dry ice. We never tire of the spectacular views on the trip. We also run lots of errands there, have lunch and make a day of it.