Sunday, August 24, 2014

Goodbye to Jim

Last year, about this time, we were all shocked by the sudden loss of a dear friend, to a fatal heart attack. Jim and his wife Leslie traveled from Illinois, to our little town in Colorado, every August, and always helped with our Victorian Tea. It was just a few days after the tea, last year, that he died. Jim also loved to fly fish . His favorite spot was along the beautiful waters of Henson Creek.
So, her son-in law bought a hand crafted, locally made bench, to be put on the walking trai ,alongside his favorite fishing spot.
It was very heavy, and took several men to lift it out of the truck

Our priest and friend Conrad...blessed it

and then we all gathered around your bench, and raised a glass. To you Jim,(some of the men wearing their bolo hats from the tea).
Jim we all loved you...and will miss your smiling face, your quick wit and always helping hands.

* wife Leslie was supposed to come to town for this...but as the time drew near... said she wasn't ready to be here....maybe next year.


  1. Very touching, Janey, and I hope that you loving folks make it an annual ritual!!

  2. That is a wonderful way to commemorate a friend's death. Hopefully it will remind you of all the good times you spent together.

  3. What a nice tribute Janey. well done.

  4. What a very wonderful tribute to your friend Jim.. such a lovely post Janey, I'm sure Jim will enjoy this bench in spirit.