Friday, August 1, 2014

Splish Splash

I saw this owner and dog having a ball in the river on my walk one morning this week
She was playing fetch, by throwing a stick over and over into the water. A great way to bathe the dog too!
Do you have a dog, and does it like the water too?  I am not sure that all dogs do.?


  1. We had a wonderful Beagle when the kids were young but since then no.. but I think most dogs do love the water.

  2. Some like it and some not, they are just like humans, I don't like swimming.

  3. my lab loves going in after turtles i toss back in. the others go in primarily to cool off on hot days.

  4. Hello Janey,

    What fun it would have been to watch this. We have owned cats rather than dogs throughout our married lives. However, cats are so very independent whereas a dog will loyally be at one's side. We rather missed that.

  5. My whole Team (5 working dogs) ADORED leaping into the river on the farm to retrieve sticks (over and over and over) with 3 of them very good divers - and would dive under the water to get the stick. It always amazed us. Doing this was their favourite treat after a hard days work.