Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Mornng Walk

We won't be walking this morning. It is most unusual to wake up to rain, but that is what is happening.
Tom and I enjoy driving three miles south of town, and walking at our lake. There is a road all the way around it, but that would be too far for me. So, we walk on the East side of the lake where there is hardly any traffic....along a dirt road.
I of course drag behind if I see wild flowers to photograph
We saw this couple fishing down below the road, and ask if they were having any luck? They said no, but it didn't matter, because it was such a beautiful day.
There were several places where small streams were flowing down the mountain into the lake
and there were also ripe berries growing wild along the road. Maybe someone will tell me what they are?


  1. Lovely walk with stunning surroundings - those are raspberries, which absolutely delicious with cream.

  2. A nice walk, you really must be in shape!

  3. Your walks are filled with delightful scenes and some interesting encounters.

  4. Enjoy those wild raspberries - they look ripe. We've been getting daily rain, too - sometimes a deluge.