Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's August

So it must be time for the annual
Yes, that's right. Stick Horse
There were so many cute kiddos putting their little horses through all of the usual rodeo routines
 Some were absolutely darling

Look at this little fellow

When this little girl walked out without a horse, everyone still roared. She had all the hat she could handle!

Oh I forgot to mention. It was open to all age groups! Here's the 65 plus gang
and here is hubby Tom getting bucked off of a bucking horse. He is gong to be complaining about his back tomorrow. Come to our town, where you too can be a kid again!


  1. I remember this event from last year; Tom puts on a good show!

  2. Hi Janey
    You said you wanted some so I would like to send you a few pieces of sea glass from Penarth Beach :-)
    Just pop me an email ( with your address and It'll be winging it's way to you in no time.
    All the Best.

    PS: This looks so much fun!!!

  3. Oh this is just priceless! What a joy. No wonder I love calling by to see what's happening in your amazing part of the world Janey!
    Enjoy the coming week. :)