Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Lucky Day

You know, some days are just luckier than others. I have mentioned several times how far it is to the supermarket, from our summer home in the mountains,(an hour each way) Well, what do we do when we forget to buy something? Case in point, I forgot that we are out of decaf coffee. We do for your information, have not one but two little grocery stores. in town ...and by little...I mean little.
They don't always have what you are looking for....and the price reflects the trouble that they had stocking the shelves... in this out of the way place, but they are great when you need them. We have a guest at the moment ,and I want to offer coffee after dinner I trekked down the hill into town.

I was browsing the isles (okay so there are only three) for the coffee, when Peter asked what I was looking for?. When I said I was looking for decaf coffee his eyes lit up."Today is your lucky day" He said. "These aren't selling ...and they are not out of date...I would like you to have them for free."
So, I now have plenty of decaf, if you want to join us. But, I can't help but think that this is a peace offering. You see, Peter for the life of him, can't remember my name. When Peter and his wife quit their big city corporate jobs, and opened this cute little store two years ago...I was an eager first customer. I had been going to the other little grocery store for well over 20 yrs, and the people had never bothered to learn my name. So, the first time in this store, I said "I am Janey, what is your name"?....To which he answered " Peter" The next time in, I said "hi Peter"....and he stared at me blankly. I called him by name every time I went in there, and a couple of times reminded him of mine. Well! I went in with hubby Tom the other day....and you guessed it. Peter said "Oh it's Chicago TOM"!...and what's her name...which I know he was thinking.
I give up! Maybe if I wrote a thank you note for the coffee?


  1. Maybe he is a bit shy to call you by your surname or he has the eldery disease, forgetting names....:)

  2. Some folks just aren't good at names; better tell "what's his name" to shape up!!

  3. you should get yourself the perfect nickname with even Peter won't be albe to forget
    enjoyed your story
    and I would go absolutely mad if I ran out of decaf :)