Friday, August 29, 2014

Rain or Shine

Sometimes I feel like we are attending summer camp. There is always something fun going on...even on rainy days
Now I ask you. Do these people look like they are arriving at a picnic?
Well, they are! Don't worry, the fire is lit...the  beans are being kept warm
and someone remembered the hot dogs
Surely the rain won't last long!

Actually, it doesn't matter, because there is a nice pavilion to keep us dry.
Good food , good friends, good times...that is what it is all about!

I hope your day is sunny and bright!
(unless of course you need the rain)


  1. You do not lead a boring life. . .always having fun, even in the rain!

  2. Oh I agree with you most definitely. As long as there is shelter the rain doesn't matter with such great company. And it can be just as fun. Great post!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend :)

  3. At least you had plenty of room to spread yourselves out if you so wished.

    1. We were huddled together to keep warm :)

  4. Great you made the most of it in the rain. I don't like rain, we had some heavy ones day after day, it makes me sombre all that water around.

  5. It sure sounds perfect to me! :-). Next time you're in Wisconsin, be sure to see the SW part of the state and also Lake Superior. Not in the winter. Lol