Friday, December 9, 2016

Holidays are Here!

How are things at your house? Don't know about you, but I have been a bit busy!
My hubby talked me into having the neighbors over for wine and cheese. We have been in our house two and a half years, and it really is time to get to know our neighbors.
Well, if you have folks over this time of the really should send them home with a little favor. So, I cooked about five dozen little orange/coconut balls and put them in little gift bags. I have made these little treats for Christmas for longer than I can remember. If anyone wants the recipe ...just say so (there is no baking involved).
If you are going to have a wine and cheese need cheese. We had three kinds. Jarlsberg, Smoked Gouda and English cheddar.
I also made little blue cheese toast tips
Bruschetta and a Baked Brie with cranberries, pears and pecans on top.

We had sixteen people here and everyone seemed to have a good time. I know you are thinking we had a lot of cheese items. ....again the invitation said wine and cheese, but I did have some sliced apples and grapes about.
What are you up to? I would love to know...Janey


  1. The room, the food, the decorations, everything looks lovely.

  2. I love all kinds of cheese, so it would be my party, it looks wonderful. You are such a nice party host to make all the gifts for your guests!

  3. A wine and cheese party for the neighbours sounds perfect.

  4. Baked brie is one of my favourite things Janey, seriously delicious. Well I have my son,his wife and my two grandchildren arriving from Sydney this Friday to spend Christmas with us, so excited to see them. Then it's my turn to have the whole family for Christmas lunch, so it will be lunch for 20. Am hoping it will be a nice hot day so everyone can swim, can't always rely on it 😊 one thing for sure, it's going to be hectic ☺