Thursday, December 8, 2016

Home Tour Part lll

The final stop on the home tour (see previous posts),which included five homes was this place that has become a bit famous in town.

It is approaching it's 100th birthday, sitting here all boarded on the edge of this historic neighborhood. In those 100 yrs. it has only had two owners.As luck would have it, a firm that does historic renovations has made it their project, and the day by day changes have been picked up by the History Channel
 (a,and the show airs weekly.
The "Wine Down" party, which includes a full casual dinner, was held here for the volunteer docents.Above is a shot of the spacious living room.
 Where a photo of how it looked when the family lived there was on display.
I was happy to see that the character of the home has been preserved. Obviously the show documenting the fireplace tiles has yet to air.
They have also saved the cedar closets which are in each of the three large bedrooms.
The staircase, while not particularly grand is very pleasing
with a bay window nook half way up.
It appears that they are going to keep the vintage bathrooms.
Seems colored fixtures were the rage at one time...An old advertisement.
One of my favorite things was this little wall gas heater in the bathroom . Back when homes were drafty and cold, they made the bathroom toastie warm.
I hope you have enjoyed the home tour and sorry that I wasn't able to feature all of the beautiful homes.


  1. Loved to see it all. That picture of the advertisement is very cute, exact simular interiors!