Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Over the weekend, daughter number three and her grandchildren came up and joined us for a special event.
We loaded up the car and drove to the the little town of Grapevine, Texas where there is a huge hotel.
Their lobby is really dressed up for the holidays, with live poinsettias everywhere.
The center courtyard being several stories high, as witnessed through the panes of the glass elevator.
 Tom's great grandchildren we excited about all of the Christmas festivities,
but the real reason we were there was to visit the ICE Theater
The first thing we encountered were falling snowflakes. Mesmerizing for these little Texans.
Then we were issued our huge blue parkas.Yes, making us look a bit like "Smurfs".
I am not sure why we paid a lot of money and were excited to go into a place full of ice and with a temperature of 9 degrees (-12 C)....but we were!
There were scary figures to delight the older kids,
sweet ones for the wee folks,
and even a nativity scene, all craved out of ice,

Although hands down I think the ice slide was a favorite with our kids.
I hope that you too are joyfully sliding into the holidays!


  1. It looks very 'cool'...so to speak! Something everyone will remember for years to come. My boys always liked to ice skate in the Dallas area. I'll have to ask them if they still go. Happy holidays!

  2. That looks funny, you all in those heavy coats!

  3. The ice theatre looks so 'cool' Janey 😊 I remember going to something similar in Sydney, was fun. Have a fabulous Christmas with your family 😊

  4. That nativity scene is a real show stopper!