Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Dog Park

The first time I became aware of what they call a" Dog Park", was several years ago when I was visiting my daughter and son in law in their condo in Chicago. I found out that a Dog Park was an area dedicated ...simply to your dog...for it's enjoyment, and a place to do their "business". The area near my daughter's condo was about a fourth of an acre. I can't remember if there was grass or just dirt...but it was all fenced in and benches along the edge where dog owners could sit and visit, and watch their dog run wild and have fun.I thought it was just a super idea in a densely populated area, with businesses and a lot of concrete.
I was a little surprised to see a Dog Park when I was out Christmas shopping today. Yes, there was a condo unit that shared the parking lot...where I guess some dogs live,
but this place was no larger that two parking spaces. I can't see where a dog can do a lot of running and playing here...but I guess it is a nice idea?
Do you have dog parks in your area?


  1. We do, yes. This would be rated a parkette here.

  2. That looks a bit sad for a dog to run around, only for doing it's pipi :)

  3. Dearest Janey,
    No, in our more rural area I don't know of any dog park.
    This is indeed a mini version and not for Dog Fitness!